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Did you know that you can achieve success even when you don’t “get it”? At Ignite Your Mind, we embrace the Growth Mindset – which means that even when you make a mistake – if you tried, the mistake sparks your brain to grow.


Why Choose Ignite Your Mind?

“Improve by 1% a day, and in just 70 days, you’re twice as good.”

– Alan Weiss

WE CAN ALL REMEMBER BACK TO OUR FAVORITE TEACHER – the one who made the greatest impact on our life, the one who lifted us up and encouraged us beyond what we thought possible. In a perfect world, every teacher would be as great as your favorite, but in today’s test-driven environment and fast paced curriculum it is hard for each child to get the individual attention they may need.

THIS IS WHERE IGNITE YOUR MIND COMES IN! Tutoring allows me to cater to your child’s individual academic needs. Every student learns differently and have exceptionalities that need to be addressed when developing a curriculum. Whether your child is struggling to keep up and needs homework assistance or reteaching, or they are top of the class and they need that competitive edge, Ignite Your Mind’s Individualized guidance helps your child reach their greatest potential. As your child’s tutor, I will provide them with strategies and tools to expand their mathematical toolbox and help build their confidence. I want my students to love to learn.


The Growth Mindset Approach

“Ignite your mind and do not fall behind, just give your best and you will have success.”

THE GROWTH MINDSET IS A SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL BELIEF that intelligence is not fixed, but dynamic and can develop over time. At Ignite Your Mind, we encourage this concept and believe that students can take control over their successes and failures. We embrace the idea that students can and do learn well from their mistakes.

A Growth Mindset Approach to Math


Belief that talents can be developed, and abilities are built overtime.


View mistakes as an opportunity to grow.


Learns from criticism.


Not focused on the answer, but the strategies to get there.


Embraces the challenge and enjoys risks.


“Cara worked with my daughter throughout her three years of middle school. She was such great help making sure my daughter was able to navigate her accelerated math classes. Her help was instrumental in my daughter’s high school math placement. She will attend a very selective all girls high school where she placed in accelerated geometry. I highly recommend Cara. She is responsible, follows up with progress reports, communicates directly with teachers to make sure she has the proper materials for tutoring and to learn how the student is doing in class. Cara truly cares about her students and their growth.”

"Cara is a great tutor as she truly cares about the academic well-being of my two boys. She goes above and beyond for both and caters her teaching style to better suit their speed of learning. Whether spiraling back to past concepts or confidently moving beyond a grade level, she ensures each child receives personalized individual attention. Cara is more than a tutor to my two boys; she is a mentor."

“As a single mom to three kids, I don’t always have the time or patience to relearn Algebra and Geometry and Cara has been an invaluable resource to me and my daughter going on 4 years now. Cara has the unique ability to individualize the instruction so that my daughter not only does well on the homework but has also greatly improved her test scores. Cara is more than a tutor; she is more like Ava’s big sister!”

"The Praxis is so stupid!" "I wish we didn't have to do this to get a teaching license." "I hate math." "I am terrible at math, I don’t think I'll ever be able to pass this." These are all words that have come out of my mouth for almost a year. I’ve tried to pass the same test for almost a whole year. Taking it 4 different times and still not passing. After my third time I felt so defeated, wondering what more can I do to help myself? I came across a Praxis 7813 Facebook group and scrolled through post after post and then found a post advertising tutoring for the Praxis 7813. I reached out to Cara and have been studying with her for several months now. It has been such a blessing getting to know her virtually and receive quality and encouraging feedback and help from her with my math skills. I still have not passed the test but with her encouragement and belief in me I know I can do it. She’s not just my math tutor but a friend who I’ve never met in person and someone who I know who genuinely cares about me and wants me to succeed even from 1,4. Cara has pointed me in the right direction and has shown me resources to work on outside of our tutoring sessions that have been extremely helpful. Khan Academy and Math help are the resources she’s shown me. She’s always so willing to help me and I know whenever I have a question on a practice problem I can message her right away. She’s helped me have a greater enjoyment of math and has such a growth mindset and believes I can pass which is the exact encouragement I need! She has gone above and beyond to help me, even waking up at the “butt crack of dawn” to make sure I have an hour of tutoring before I go to work. Cara has become a trusted friend and fellow teacher colleague of mine and I’m forever grateful and I’d recommend her tutoring services to anyone.


Our Tutoring Services

One-on-One Instruction


Test Prep

Help Completing Homework

Are You Or Your Child Feeling Anxious About An Upcoming Standardized Test?

Every child can benefit from test-taking skills and strategies so that they can do their best on exam day. Working with a test prep tutor is one of the best ways to provide the help, reassurance, and boost in confidence your child needs. By working one-on-one with us we help to not only build their skill level, but your child’s confidence. This can help ease their anxiety over test-taking which can lead to improved test scores.

Student Test Prep

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT

Teachers Test Prep

  • Praxis Elementary Education Math: 7813/ 5003 and 5008
  • Middle School Mathematics (5164)

Core Academic Skills for Educators

  • Mathematics 5733
  • Mathematics Content Knowledge (5161)

Our Story

More About Cara

CARA’S PASSION FOR LEARNING STEMS FROM the belief that all students can learn math at the highest possible level. Cara holds her Bachelor of Science in Math Education from Montclair State University. In addition, she also holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University and a Masters in Math Educational Studies from the University at Buffalo. Cara has had the pleasure to tutor students from 2nd grade to College Prep for the past 10 years. An essential component in teaching math education is having students incorporating a growth mindset. This reminds students that they can achieve math at the highest possible levels. Her expertise focuses on incorporating both a multi-dimensional component to math education and the belief that mistakes should be valued in education, and they are essential for growth.

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